Signs You May Need a New Roof

After years of being exposed to rain, snow, ice, sun and wind, your roof can start to age and wear. Curling, peeling, and eventual disintegration of roof shingles can lead to permanent damage to your roof and, eventually, the overall structure of your home. Many people don’t realize they have roofing problems until puddles appear on their floors.

That’s why you should try to inspect your roof every year, and contact a professional Ottawa roofer like JS Roofing to conduct a thorough roof inspection of your roof every 3-5 years.

One or more of the following signs may be an indication of a potentially serious roof problem:

1. Ice dams forming along roof’s edge

2. Shingles or tiles are cracked, curled, worn or missing

3. Granule loss from asphalt shingles

4. Split wood shingles

5. Excessive mold or moss growth

6. Leaks, stains or spotting on interior ceilings

7. Staining of rafters or in attic space

8. Streaks along exterior home walls

9. Storm damage (punctures, missing shingles, etc.)

Don’t wait until it is too late and there has been structural damage to your home. Contact JS Roofing Ottawa for a FREE in-home consultation and estimate on your Ottawa roof.


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