Flat Roofing

When looking for a flat roofing system, you have specific qualities in mind.  It is important to find the system that suits your building best and to do so you need in-depth information about Modified Bitumen roofing system options. You’ll find our information on modified bitumen roofing helpful for that reason.

What is modified bitumen?

  • A two ply roofing system ideal for roofs with low slopes
  • It’s composed of 2 layers of rubber, a base membrane and a granulated cap
  • It is ideally suited for smaller surfaces intended to be used as outdoor living space – in other words, it is your best bet for high traffic usage
  • Applied using either adhesive/glue, fastened with asphalt, or torched


Modified bitumen roofing, also known as rubber or membrane roofing, has a number of beneficial qualities that are unique to its particular make-up.  These include:

  • Resistance to thermal shock and cracking, as well as fire
  • Incomparable toughness and durability
  • Customizability
  • Meets building and insurance requirements

Our modified bitumen roofing systems come with satisfaction guaranteed as well as their own warranty to ensure that our customers are left content with the services we provide.

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